Jeddah Islamic Port

AJWA Port Services Operate Jeddah Islamic Port

AJWA Port Services has managed and operated the bulk handling terminal of Jeddah Islamic Port for 11 years and has handled more than 35 million tons of grain during this period.

By investing in fast ship un-loaders and using its own silos AJWA has reached unprecedented discharge rate of 20,000 tons per day from one ship.

Dry Bulk Commodity Services

Bulk Unloading & Storage Yes 16,000 tpd & 120,000 T
Bagging Yes (50kg to 1000kg) 6000 tpd
Bulk Load Out Yes 5000 tpd
Cleaning & Aspiration Yes  
Fumigation Yes
Warehousing & Logistics Yes 20,000 T
Inland Transport Yes  
Transhipment Yes  
24 hours Operation Yes  

Jeddah Islamic Port Infrastructure

Berths 1 berth
Silos 120,000 T

Jeddah Islamic Port Gear & Equipment

2 Chain Type Unloaders 400 tph each
2 Pneumatic 200 tph
2 Grabs 8 m3
1 Weighbridges 100 T
5 Front-End Loaders / Bulldozers From 1.2 to 3.1 m3