AJWA Group (Egypt) Exports & Certificates


AJWA with its high quality products has earned the trust of the consumers. It has a vast range of portfolio of brands to fulfill the different demands and specifications of the different markets, as well as the diversified needs of consumers with their tiers.

AJWA is successfully present with its products in different parts of the world:

  • Africa: Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya.
  • Middle East & Gulf: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Palestine.
  • Europe: United Kingdom


ISO 9001:2000

AJWA has always been eager to gain the confidence of the market and its customers as well as fulfilling the needs of consumers.

In order to achieve such goals, AJWA is continuously developing its performance and its production quality. The company,s quality management system meets international requirements and was accordingly awarded the ISO 9002 certificate in 1996, and upgraded the ISO certificate to ISO 9001:2000 as of July 2005.

License of Quality Mark

AJWA has been awarded the license of quality mark from the Egyptian organization of standardization and quality for all its products as of 2004.

AJWA Egypt Certificates

In the year 2000, Orouba Agrifoods Processing Co. was ISO9001/2000 certified by the German TUV body. In 2005 we were HACCP certified. For this reson, we have a modern equipped laboratory that supports our main objective in producing high quality and safe products