AJWA Group Strategies

Future Strategies, Growth and Mission Statement

Future strategies are focused on developing both the home markets in countries of operation and expanding the export network.

Our Vision

To be one of the top 20 global leaders in food commodities businesses by the year 2020.

Our Mission

We are proud to serve our valuable customers by processing and supplying the highest quality of goods and services with reasonable costs.

Our Objectives

  • To establish the largest strategic food reserve in the Middle East
  • To serve as the trusted life line between our multinational suppliers and valuable regional customers
  • To achieve a healthy annual return on shareholders equity and fixed assets

Our Strategy

Group Strategy Diagram

AJWA Group stands as a unique company in terms of its resources, technology and infrastructure, and above all the unique synergy between its strategic business units.

Relevant Brand Strategies

AJWA Group has achieved a position of pre-eminence in the Middle East rice and Egytptian frozen foods markets through an ability to develop and communicate relevant brand strategies for a range of well known products and, at the same time, create new products and packaging formats in line with customer needs.

Commitment to High Quality Sourcing

By maintaining our commitment to high quality sourcing, advanced manufacturing techniques and innovative packaging, AJWA Group will continue to deliver consistent quality and value to lead the field in rice products in the Gulf region and frozen foods and edible oils in Egypt.

Consolidating Group Activities

To assist its rapid growth, AJWA Group is implementing further radical changes to maximise business performance. These involve process improvements and the introduction of new procedures to afford economies of scale, facilitate knowledge transfer and enable the group as a whole to benefit from innovation.

Shared resources in production, distribution and marketing have already positively impacted throughout the AJWA Group.

Continued Investment in IT

As part of the AJWA Group's drive to implement creative solutions to reduce cost and improve efficiencies, IT is woven into every part of the business and is seen as pivotal to develop strong core competence and maximise resources.

By providing real-time facts and figures and enhancing communication channels via intranet and internet links, employee information has increased, knowledge exchange accelerated and management efficiency improved.

Streamlined Product Supply Chain

AJWA is expanding its logistic and supply chain management systems and organisation to be founded on the highest standards of manufacturing resources planning MRP-II levels to achieve breakthrough results in the area of customer service, product availability, total delivered cost, traceability, quality and inventory accuracy.

The MRP-II capital supply chain management will also lead to aggressive product launches through much quicker and efficient speed to market. Proper inventory management techniques are being utilised to ensure excellent product availability, on time perfect orders delivery while maintaining efficient stock levels.

Extensive investment in the organisation, systems, equipment, state of the art IT infrastructure and warehousing capacities are planned over the next three years to provide AJWA Group with a leading edge over competition.

Investment in People and Plant

AJWA Group has a strong team of professionals to manage key areas of business to ensure the continued success of AJWA. These are commercially astute leaders with advanced management skills who have guided the majority of companies within the AJWA Group to ISO 9002 accreditation.

The AJWA training and development department in Jeddah ensures high standards are maintained and complements AJWA Group expenditure on new port facilities and state-of-the-art processing plants.

This dual investment policy is an on-going AJWA Group strategy and key to the companies' vision of development.

Total capacity of existing tanks at Deep berth Damietta Port has been increased from 4,800 M tons to 7,800 M tons.

Expanding Distribution and Brands

AJWA Group continues to acquire new companies and expand into market sectors with high growth potential. Future strategies are focused on developing both the home markets in countries of operation and expanding the export network.

In domestic markets, production of AJWA own-label supermarket products and overseas brands made under license will increase. An expanded distribution network will permit even more exports to Africa and Asia.