AJWA Group History & Milestones


    AJWA Group for Food Industries Holding Co. Ltd. had an agreement with Grain Silos & Flour Mills Organisation, to discharge wheat imported by GSFMO. Expected volume is approximately 1,000,000 MT per annum.


    AJWA group for food industries holding company had been awarded the contract to operate Yanbu Commercial Port for the coming 10 Years.


    During 2007 Nabati made additional facility expansion which cost around 3 million SR. AJWA Group for Food Industries Holding had an agreement with Grain Silos & flour Mills Organization, to discharge wheat imported by GSFMO


    Launch of Hadouta VFM vegetable oil to answer market demand and further grow the mixed oil portfolio


    Nabati expanded its facility warehouse and the administration office. AJWA Egypt - Launch of different SKUs, more economic ones that can save money for big families as well as small sized ones for daily use for families that depend on daily wages.


    Nabati expansion completed and now the plant production capacity reaches 120,000 MT annually


    AJWA RMTI company name amended to AJWA Group for Food Industries Holding Co. Ltd.


    The vision of AJWA Egypt expands to aggressively grow the portfolio further and lead the edible oils business in Egypt.


    The launch of El Hana brand , the first and only brand in the market to have both the real baladi ingredient and light vegetable ghee in one pack.


    On taking over Jeddah Islamic Port Services terminal, AJWA invested in new discharging equipment, increasing the discharge rate from 3,000 to 16,000 tons per vessel per day and linking the terminal to RMTI's silo facility.


    Launch of RMTI's own retail and trade brands - Basma, Ruzanna, Naqi, Al Mounah, Mahaseel and Mefalfal.


    Processing and packaging operations begin for locally established rice brands, reducing production costs and increasing quality.


    RMTI forges strategic alliance with AJWA.


    Construction commences of the largest mill, processing and storage facility outside the USA, strategically located to serve the region from Jeddah Islamic Port.


    The production and the launch of " El Nakhletein " the first palm oil based vegetable ghee by the private sector in the Egyptian market. Followed by the launch of mixed vegetable oil that later on became market leader as well for many years.