AJWA Edible Oils

Exporting to the Far East and Middle East

AJWA Edible Oils operates factories in Saudi Arabia, exporting to the Far East and to the Middle East.

AJWA Edible Oils is a new name for an old favourite. Formally AJWA's sole edible oil product was Nabati.

Highest Quality at Affordable Prices

By 1994, Nabati was producing edible oils of the highest quality at affordable prices...

The AJWA Edible Oils Company NABATI was founded in 1989 with a clear vision of its intended position in the edible oil market. In an industry characterised by variable quality, the new company wanted to establish new standards of excellence in the production and supply of this essential commodity.

Gulf States Expansion

By 1994, the company was on stream and producing edible oils of the highest quality at affordable prices for consumption throughout Saudi Arabia. As the product range and reputation grew, the activities of NABATI have since spread to encompass the Gulf States.

Today, AJWA Edible Oils is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of quality edible oils in Saudi Arabia.