AJWA Grain Trading Co.

50 Years Experience

With over 50 year's experience, our experts have been involved in the engineering of grain and rice milling...

At present we only trade in grain but in near future we should be manufacturing all types of feed.

AJWA Group of Food Industries Holding Co Ltd.

AJWA Grain Trading Co. is part of the AJWA Group of Food Industries Holding Co. Ltd., which owns silo facilities in Jeddah Port and the Vegetable Oil facility (Nabati) in Dammam Port.

AJWA Grain has embarked on the grain business in late 1997 when the company had won the tender to operate and manage the grain handling terminal of Jeddah Islamic Port.

Major role in Saudi Arabia

With the valuable experience gained in commodity trading and with its advantage of the port facilities, AJWA Grain has a major role to play in the grain trade and in particular to service the poultry and livestock feed industries of Saudi Arabia and the region.

To this end, AJWA Grain has prepared the ground in terms of infrastructure and experienced personnel to handle the grain from source to the final delivery points of the customers in an efficient manner which translates into a reliable and cost effective service to the customer.

Grain and Feed Trade Association

AJWA are a member of GAFTA (The Grain and Feed Trade Association)

Efficient Grain Logistics

Efficient logistics is the corner stone in the grain business and AJWA Grain, realising this point, and in order to offer a smooth service to its customers the company has from the outset established handling terminals strategically located in Saudi Arabia namely, Jeddah and Yanbu ports along the Red Sea coast.

Grain Reports and Pricing Information

To learn more, including information on our member's only reports and pricing information, please visit our website at www.ajwagrains.com